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2019 iPhone rumours

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In the past Apple have launched their new iphone on the Tuesday of the 2nd week of September. Which means September 10th should be the big day!

Additionally there are reports claiming that the sale date for the new handsets will be the 20th September.

Of course, nothing has been confirmed officially, but our alarms are set for the 10th!

Apple iPhone launch - XI 11

What will they call it?

In the past, we have pretty much known what the next iPhone would be called because Apple used sequential numbers. That all changed in 2017 though when Apple introduced the iPhone X into the mix. The 2018 models then added an "S" and an "R" to the X branding.

All this means that honestly, no one is sure what this year's iPhones will be called.

Our bet is that Apple opt for the iPhone XI, but other options include the iPhone X2 or a throwback to the iPhone11. Which means we'll probably get an iPhone XI, an iPhone XI Max and probably an iPhone XRS or XR2.

2019 iPhone specs

What we want and what we expect...

  • A fully waterproof handset
  • Higher resolution dispplays
  • Compatible with Apple Pencil
  • Improved Face ID
  • Triple rear camera
  • Reverse wireless charging
  • Reduced notch size
  • USB Type-C
  • Apple A13 chip
  • iOS 13

Rumours and leaks so far...

12th August '19: No 5G enabled iPhone till 2020

Apple's most recent phones all use modems built by Intel, which had planned to have a 5G modem ready for commercial devices in the second half of 2019. But Intel ran into problems producing the 5G chip for the iPhone -- problems so grave that it exited that business after Apple and Qualcomm reached a multiyear chip supply agreement in April. Since then, Apple has agreed to buy Intel's smartphone modem business for $1 billion.

No 5G enabled iPhones

With that situation now tidied up, it seems as though Apple is back on track for 2020. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had previously predicted that two of the three 2020 iPhones would be 5G-ready but has since amended that to include all three phones.

7th August '19: Release date leak

It has been rumoured that the new iPhones will be launched 10 days before Japan's new legislation on phone/service unbundling comes into effect (1st October), if this is true the new handsets will be on sale on the 20th September.

Historically Apple has released new devices across all major territories at the same time. Meaning that the 20th of September could be D-day for all of us.

23rd July '19: Lightning charging rumour

According to a report on 9to5Mac, the 2019 iPhone will still feature a Lightning charging port, despite many people speculating that Apple would switch to a USB-C following the change to the iPad Pro last year.

The same report also suggested the following:

Camera: The devices replacing the iPhone XS models will feature three cameras on the back contained within a square. This extra space will be occupied by a camera capable of capturing a wide-angle imageas Bloomberg first reported. 

Besides being used as a creative option for pictures and movies, this wide-angle ‘iPhone 11’ camera will enable a feature called Smart Frame, which captures the area around the framed area in pictures and videos so that the user can adjust the framing or perform automatic perspective and crop corrections in post. The extra information will be retained for a limited period of time and discarded automatically afterwards, for privacy reasons.

The front-facing camera on the ‘iPhone 11’ will also be upgraded, adding support for slo-mo recording at 120fps.

Tactic Engine: the 2019 models will feature a redesigned taptic engine (codename: leap haptics), in order to improve touch capabilities. It is thought 3D touch will be phased out with year for all models.

18th Jule '19: Dummy model leaks

YouTubers Marques Brownlee, Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy, and Dave Lee have all demoed iPhone 11 dummy models. Brownlee said his comes from China via his source Sonny Dickson, a prolific Australian product leaker. Hilsenteger, however, has a custom dummy based on a set of dimensions he thinks are accurate. His dummy looks slightly different from the others.

YouTube dummy iPhone leak

It's worth noting that dummy models tend to be physical mockups (non-working prototypes) based on descriptions from case manufacturers and or rumoured dimensions.

One thing that all three youtubes seem to suggest is that there will be three new iPhones on show at Apple's special event this year. These models will replace last years XR, XS and XS Max.

5th July '19: Under-display fingerprint sensor rumour

It's been suggested that Apple will use under-display fingerprint tech to launch a more budget-orientated iPhone in China.

However, given the success of Apple's face ID, this isn't something we're expecting in the flagship models.

25th June '19: Case design without USB Type-C

iPhone 11 case leak

3rd June '19: Apple confirm iOS 13

13th June '19: Dedicated night mode camera rumour

3rd June '19: Hands on mock-up appears

18th May '19: Dual bluetooth support rumour

23rd April '19: Case leak with square camera arrangement

18th April '19: Hidden triple camera

8th April '19: 2 models rumour

2nd April '19: Larger battery prediction


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