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Apple 2020 Event

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A September iPhone launch is usually a dead cert, an annual event as reliable as Christmas. But 2020 hasn't been the easiest of years for anyone, and a delay to the 5G iPhone 12 launch has been suggested in recent weeks.

So, what's the latest scoop on the iPhone 12 release date? Well, some good news, some less so. The good news is that several respected leakers predict that Apple will hold an event in September, as noted by Apple Insider. Better still, at least two noted sources have said the event is set to take place this week.

Apple 2020 event 

The first rumours of an imminent event came from Apple leaker Jon Prosser, who claimed that Apple was preparing to send out a press release on Tuesday morning local time. “Though, I should note that it’s not locked in until the press has been briefed, day of,” he said.

Prosser did not indicate which of the upcoming Apple products he believed would be launched in the press release. As well as the iPhone, Apple is rumoured to be unveiling a new Apple Watch, updated iPads as well as accessories such a version of the AirPods that will go over the head rather than in-ear.

Bloombergs' Mark Gurman’s however claims that that Apple has a press release scheduled for Tuesday, September 8, at 9 a.m. ET/6 a.m. PT. Today’s tweet from Prosser does not make any specific claims about what Apple could announce in this press release, but he has previously asserted that a new iPad and Apple Watch would be released the week of September 7.

Gurman’s tweet refutes the notion that Apple hardware is coming this week and instead suggests that an announcement of the iPhone 12 and Apple Watch online event is more likely:

"I wouldn’t get too excited about rumors of new Apple products appearing this week.
More likely I think: an announcement of the upcoming (of course virtual) September iPhone/Apple Watch event."
- Mark Gurnam, Bloomberg

In general, Apple announces and sends invites for an iPhone event roughly two weeks before the event is set to take place. If Apple announces the iPhone 12 event on September 8, that would mean the actual event could be held around September 22.