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Apps to help with your New Year's Resolutions

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The last few hours of 2018 are often spent making resolutions for the year ahead. Whether you’re resolving to lose weight, get fit, pay off debt or just be more grateful for the life you’ve got, we all know it can be notoriously tricky to make them stick. This year we thought we’d give a helping hand and let you in on some apps that will help your New Year’s resolutions stick fast.


Want to get fit and shift some pounds but don’t want to splash out on a Personal Trainer? Coach.me might be the answer. Think of it as your PT, a workout buddy and motivational speaker all rolled into one. Coach.me allows you to set any goal you want and then shares your progress with others, meaning your fellow app members can offer advice and encouragement. You can also hire an actual life-coach through the app to help you achieve your goals.



If your resolution is to clean up your finances, Mint could be the app for you. The free money manager reviews your day-to-day spending and suggests spending goals that allow you to better live within your budget.



One of the best, tried and tested ways to set goals is by creating a to-do-list. The Wunderlist app lets you create interactive to-do lists - sharing your goals with friends and syncing your lists between your tablets, phones, and computers.



Everyone knows the way to get into or out off habits is repetition, but that can be hard work and difficult to track. It’s too easy to say, not today or it’s raining, or I didn’t have time. However, it just got a lot easier with Streaks. Streaks is a to-do lists, designed to encourage good habits through gamification. Recurring tasks or habits (good or bad) are added to your list, and with each completed task, you extend your daily streak.


Grid Diary

Always fancied channeling your inner Bridget Jones? (And no, we don’t mean throwing yourself a pity party with wine, ice-cream and Celine Dion.) This app helps you get started on your own diary. It has a great pre-defined template, and asks you questions and offers prompts so you’re never without something to write.


Zero Willpower

Resolved to spend less time scrolling through social media, but don’t have the willpower to stop yourself. Here’s an app that will help. ‘Zero Willpower’ blocks your most distracting websites so you can put an end to pre-sleep scrolling and focus on getting some ZZZZs.



Breethe is a sleep and meditation app that helps you de-stress and achieve better sleep. So, if your resolution for 2018 is to meditate or get a proper night’s sleep, then this is the app for you. It offers a selection of guided meditations series, inspirational talks and masterclasses. All helping you deal with the challenges that 2019 might have in store for you.