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Best of CES 2019: All the best gadgets at CES this year

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With CES 2019 drawing to a close today, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite tech from the show. This year we’ve seen boxing robots, the ‘beer-snobs’ dream gadget and even (believe it or not) Apple and Samsung making friends. The new tech has been incredible and it’s been hard to chose our best, but here they are:

Honor View 20


The Honor View 20 takes the prize for being the first big flagship handset of 2019, and it doesn't disappoint. Honor have packed in some pretty awesome features, including: a 48-megapixel camera with a secondary 3D sensor, 4000mAh battery and the latest version of Android 9. Not to mention the View 20 is notch-free! The front camera peers through a a hole-punch cutout, giving the feel of a full-screen without a distracting notch.

Honor have certainly set the bar for 2019 phone releases, we're excited to see what comes next.

Withings Move ECG


Firstly... Withings is back - and this time its fitness trackers aim to look after your heart as well as your overall fitness. The Withings Move ECG isn't the first electrocardiogram wearable, but it certainly rivals the others in price and style.

One big headline is that the Move ECG has a battery life of 18 months and has a pretty extensive arsenal of skills. It can track your sleep, log your exercise (it auto-detects walking, running and swimming) and piggybacks your phone's GPS to map your movements.

LG Signature OLED TV R


Roll up, Roll up! LG are here. Last year LG's rollable TV was a behind-the-scenes prototype as CES, so there were a few people thinking that it would make an appearance this year... and it did!

And, it certainly makes an impression, even upstaging LG's own 88in 8K TV.

LG HomeBrew


LG HomeBrew is basically a Nespresso machine for beer snobs. Just load the beer of your choice, whether you're into Pilsner, Stouts and Ales or an IPA and let it brew. In 2 weeks' time you'll have five great litres of your chosen tipple.

Even better than this is that the HomeBrew cleans up after itself, ready for your next batch.

LG Gram 2-in-1


The LG Gram was one of the very best ultrabooks in 2018, boasting an incredibly light design and a super-powered performance. Enter 2019, and LG looks to have improved an already excellent product by turing the Gram into a 2-in-1 convertible.

While the new 2-in-1 LG Gram might not feature massive alterations from the standard laptop, the inclusion of a 14-inch touchscreen Full HD IPS display, bundled LG Stylus Pen and versatile design could well elevate the Gram to be one of the very best ultrabooks of 2019.

Samsung MicroLED modular TV


Why be limited to the size and shape of TV that a manufacturer has decided? With the Samsung MicroLED modular TV design, you don’t have to, as you can bolt together displays to create the size and shape of screen you want. Still in early demo mode, modular TVs aren’t likely to be available until 2020, but this remains an innovative and fascinating look at the future.

Adding panels is super-easy, with the base units bolting together and a magnetically attached display going on top. Displays can be built to practically any shape and aspect ratio, providing a way to display art as well as the latest films.