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Best LG G5 deals

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LG G5 deals

Thinking about buying an LG G5? We don't blame you. LG have released one of the most innovative and exciting mobile phones to hit the UK market, and we can't wait to get our hands on one. It's currently available to pre-order, with deliveries starting from 8th April 2016, so we've rounded up the best pre-order deals to help save you the hassle of trawling the internet!

The Best LG G5 Deals

Below you'll find the best deals for the LG G5 that we can find online. We've selected contracts that provide at least 2GB of data, because that's probably the minimum that most LG G5 users will be after:

O2 LG G5 dealsO2 - if you buy from mobiles.co.uk you can get the LG G5 on O2 for just £31.50 a month and no upfront cost. This gets you 3GB data, unlimited minutes and texts, and has an effective monthly cost of £31.50. This has to be our current top contract pick.

Amazon LG G5 dealsBuy SIM-free from Amazon - this is very often the cheapest way to buy a phone, particularly in the first few months after release. A G5 costs £499.99 from amazon.co.uk, which is £20.83 per month for 24 months. Pair it with something like a 2GB Giffgaff SIM for £12 a month and you're loking at a total monthly cost of around £33. This gives you more flexibility in terms of what network and allowances you want as you can switch 30 day SIMs quickly and easily.

Vodafone - if you buy from mobiles.co.uk you can get the iPhone SE for £31 a month with £60 upfront. This comes with 7GB data and unlimited calls and texts, and has an effective monthly cost of £33.50.

EE LG G5 dealsEE - if you buy from mobiles.co.uk you can get the LG G5 on EE for just £29.99 a month and £56.99 upfront. This gets you 2GB of data, 1000 minutes and unlimited texts, and has an effective monthly cost of £32.36.


As you can see, it's usually cheaper to buy from a reseller, rather than direct from your mobile phone network.

Looking for insurance?

If you've found the deal for you then you should consider insuring your shiny new G5. The best LG G5 insurance might not be the one provided by your mobile phone network or bank, so check out our affordable LG G5 insurance today. Premiums start from just £5.99 a month, and excess charges are only £50 per claim.