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How much will it cost to replace Apple Airpods if you lose them?

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Apple Airpods

Apple have just launched their new Airpods, and we think they look pretty neat. But at £159 a pair could they be a costly investment?

When you buy Apple Airpods you get three separate pieces of tech - the left earpod, the right earpod and a clever little case that keeps them protected when not in use, and more importantly charges them in no time at all. The fact that they aren't a single unit and are comprised of small parts means that the chances of losing any one piece is pretty high even if you're careful. And because they don't physically attach to your phone, they could be prone to falling out.

To address this Apple have offered to fix or replace single Airpods or the charging case individually. However the prices are pretty steep.

Replacing a single Airpod or the charging case costs £65 in the UK. And if you need to get the batteries replaced they'll cost around £45 each while within the 1 year warranty. Outside the warranty it'll cost £65 for a new battery.

While these prices aren't particularly surprising, they highlight that if you're not incredibly careful the cost of owning and servicing Apple Airpods could quickly spiral. I think we'll be sticking to our much cheaper and wired Apple Earpods for now.