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Could your next mobile phone have an unbreakable display?

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Cracked phone screen

With screen repairs costing up to £150 for some mobile phones, it's not surprising that people who don't have insurance often have to make do with using a cracked screen for extended periods of time. But thanks to the work of a group of physicists at the University of Sussex this could be a thing of the past.

What is this new technology?

Traditional glass screens use indium tin oxide electrodes to pass data about where you touch the display back to the phone. Instead, the team is knitting together silver nanowires and graphene to create a clear and highly conductive display. Not only is this new material stronger, but it's also expected to be cheaper to produce.

What does it mean for your next phone?

Honestly, we don't know! We haven't yet seen any stats describing how much more resistant to damage this would be compared to a more traditional Gorilla Glass screen, so it's all a bit academic. We also don't know whether the technology has been tested in use as a smartphone display, as there could be complications. Either way, we're unlikely to see it appear on a flagship phone for a number of years, and so in the meantime you'll want to avoid dropping your mobile if you can help it!

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