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Galaxy S7 definitely launching in February

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It's been confirmed! The Samsung Galaxy S7 will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 21st. Samsung have sent out media invites to the press and released a teaser video advertising their Unpacked event.

They aren't giving much away about the new phones in this teaser, but it's widely believed that they will launch at least two new phones at MWC - that Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge. These phones will probably hit the stores sometime in late March, with a Plus version of both arriving later in the year (much like with the Galaxy S6 launch).

All of the rumours that we've seen so far about the Galaxy S7 suggest that it's going to be more iteration than innovation. It's likely to sport a similar design to the Galaxy S6 before it, but feature longer battery life, faster charging and possibly Samsung's own version of Apple's 3D touch.

Even so, the Galaxy series of phones are popular for a very good reason, and we expect the Galaxy S7 to be no different. So if you're thinking about buying one when they hit the shops in March, take a look at our Galaxy S7 insurance deals, starting from only £5.99 a month. You won't be able to purchase a policy until the Galaxy S7 has launched but you can sign up for email updates and exclusive deals so that you can get your S7 protected as soon as you have it.