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giffgaff reveal student phone habits - and only 23% have insurance!

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Student phone insurance

September is the month when students go back to school or head off to university, so giffgaff and Student Hut thought they'd conduct a survey to find out how students use (and sometimes abuse!) their smartphones. You can visit giffgaff to read the full report, but here are the stats we found most interesting:

17% of female students with a cracked phone screen live with it for more than a year, compared to 7% of males

With tuition fees at an all-time high it's unsurprising that students are struggling to justify the cost of replacing their cracked phone screens. After all it can easily cost over £120! However, we are surprised that there's such a big difference between male and female students when it comes to their willingness to live with a crack phone screen.

Given most students' budgets we were also surprised to hear that 20% of students immediately bought a new phone to replace their broken one. Perhaps they resorted to budget feature phones rather than replacing like for like.

Only 23% of students have phone insurance

With all the alcohol fuelled nights out, students probably put their phones at risk more often than the average person - so it's surprising that only 23% have decided to get insurance for their mobile. Of that 23%, males were only half as likely to protect their phone.

57% of water-damaged phones belong to females

According to giffgaff, females students are more likley to experience a water-damaged incident than their male counterparts. We're not sure why this is, and actually goes against other surveys which suggested that men were 57% more likely than women to drop their phone down the toilet! Perhaps all students should consider investing in a water resistant phone like the iPhone 7 or Galaxy S7.

Should you get insurance?

If you have an expensive smartphone and are worried about the costs of repairing or replacing it should you ave an accident, insurance might be a wise investment. We offer some of the most affordable phone insurance in the UK, so why not get a quote today.