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How to avoid cosmetic damage to your phone

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Cosmetic phone damage

If you crack your screen or lose your phone and you have insurance you're likely to get a replacement. But what happens if you just scratch the display or dent the metal casing? This sort of cosmetic damage is very unlikely to be covered by your insurance, and could significantly reduce your enjoyment of your phone, and of course the resale value.

Avoiding cosmetic damage in the first place

There are a number of ways that you can try and avoid causing cosmetic damage to your phone, and they don't need to be expensive.

Be careful

Be careful

Sorry, but we had to say it. If you're sensible with when and where you use and store your phone you're less likely to cause damage to it. Avoid leaving it loose in bags and pockets containing sharp items like keys and coins, and don't put it on a shelf or ledge where it can be easily knocked off. Try not to carry your phone while doing other things. You might think that you're multitasking but you're probably multi-failing!

Get a case

iPhone case

Whatever phone you have there's bound to be a good case available for it, and this will make a huge difference to the longevity of your phone - mean that by the time you want to sell it on it's in pristine condition. Depending on the level of protection that you need, cases will add a little bit of bulk to your mobile phone, but we think that for most people this is worth it. Our particular favourites are the Otterbox range of cases. The Symmetry series is really slim while providing great protection, and you can customise the design too. If you're after seriously good protection the Defender Series is almost indestructible..

Of course, if you have an iPhone you might want to buy a case direct from Apple. Their leather options are some of the most stylish and comfortable around.

Use a screen protector

Screen protector

If you use a case but it doesn't adequately cover the front of your phone you might also want to invest in a screen protector. There's a whole host of different types available, from simple plastic options to full tempered glass. Anything has to be better than nothing, but the glass options are probably the most durable and scratch resistant, and can reduce the impact of a drop and potentially save your screen below.

Wrap your phone in a skin

Phone wrap

One of the most innovative solutions we've seen is to wrap your mobile phone in a skin. This clearly doesn't provide much impact protection, but will offer some protection against minor scratches and scuffs. Paired with a screen protector it's the most slim line solution to protecting your phone from cosmetic damage, and they're fully customisable too. There are loads of sites offering skins for every mobile phone, but one of the best appears to be Wrappz.

What if you still damage your phone?

The solutions above will go a long way in helping to avoid cosmetic damage to your phone, but if you drop it from a great height or even worse drop it in water you're probably going to need to repair or replace it. If the thought of shelling out for this worries you you might want to consider getting mobile phone insurance as well, which could also cover you in the event of theft or loss. Tinhat insurance can cost as little as £1.99 a month, and you could be covered immediately. So click the button below if you'd like to get a quote for your phone.


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