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How to keep your phone safe while skiing?

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I bet when you hit the slopes, you leave your phone safely in the locker at the beginning of the day? No? Yeah, me neither. When I ski, I use my phone to keep in touch with other skiers, take pics and make sure I know where we’re meeting for Apres.


However, skiing can be unkind to your phone. First and foremost, the extreme temperatures aren’t good for it, which means you want to make sure your phone can stay warm. They also don’t do well to pressure or being knocked around, so your back pocket is hardly an ideal location should you get knocked over. Here are some tips for keeping your phone safe.

Which pocket?

As a rule, if the zip is on the outside of your jacket, the pocket isn’t for your phone! So ignore the pocket on your sleeve (we all know that’s where your lift pass goes) and the ones on your hips (their for hands, lip salve and snacks.

Most, if not all, ski jackets have a chest pocket on the inside (if your ski jacket doesn’t have an inside chest pocket, consider a ski jacket that does - they’re worth it). This pocket is a good place for your phone because it will lie relatively flat against you, will be kept away from the cold and moisture and will have far less chances of being fallen on. People tend to avoid falling on their chests - you can stick your arms out to protect you, turn over or fall on your knees to minimize the impact.

If you’re not using it turn it off

No, I don’t mean the whole phone, what’s the point of having a phone if it’s off? That’s also true of a phone that’s run out of battery. So, to extend your battery life in the cold, turn off any services your not using: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE.

Keep it dry

We’ve recommended the Tesco sandwich bag for keeping your phone safe while cycling, they’re also pretty good on piste (or off). Nothing is more infuriating than finishing a run, pulling off your glove, pulling out your phone and realizing the combination of moisture and sweat on your fingers and on your phone prevents you from doing anything because the water is impeding the touch screen.

The handy sandwich bag is great for this situation, it’s thin enough that your phone will still recognise your fingers, but will keep it dry.

If in doubt, case it!

First of all, don’t try any physical activity if you don’t already have a good phone case for your phone. I’m not talking the two-piece rubber and plastic case you got from some little mall kiosk on a shopping trip one day a couple weeks after you bought it. I’m talking some serious protection, like an Otterbox case or a Lifeproof.


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