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How to make your 'snowday' pics pop

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Your Instagram feed is full of samey snow pics, all looking a bit grey and dull.

Here’s how to make your ‘snowday’ pics pop!


1. Don’t let your phone get cold or wet!

Sounds obvious, but it’s worth saying. Smartphones can be very sensitive to extreme temperatures. Cold conditions can cause the battery in your phone to drain a lot faster, and on occasions cause your phone to shut down completely.

In severe cold, the internal components in your phone can be permanently damaged.

It’s a good idea to decide your ‘snowy subject’ before getting your phone out of your pocket.

2. Adjust the exposure.

The problem with snowy scenes is that the large areas of white can trick the iPhone’s camera into under-exposing the photo.

Basically, the camera looks at the scene, sees all the white, and thinks it’s too bright. So it reduces the exposure which effectively makes the snow look grey.

To ensure the snow appears fresh and bright, you often need to adjust the exposure levels before you take the shot. To do this, start by tapping to set focus on your subject, then simply swipe up on the screen to increase the brightness.

Be careful not to make the image too bright though, otherwise you’ll lose all of the detail and texture in the snow.

3. Shoot close-up photos.

Another great technique is to get down low and focus your camera on some lovely frost or ice.


This allows you to capture wonderful detail and holding your iPhone close to the subject will create a shallow depth of field where the background appears beautifully blurred.

4. Edit and filter.

When you take snow shots, there are often a lot of areas that you might want to clean up in post-processing, such as snowy footprints, dirt, bits of grass, a stray corner of a leaf, etc.

You might also find that the snow appears too dark. So the first thing I always do when editing a photo is to “up” the highlights and exposure to brighten the snow.

Another great option is black & white!


So get snapping, and stay warm!