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HTC One A9 is Available to Pre-Order

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HTC One A9 insurance

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The HTC One A9 has now been announced, and is now available to pre-order from the major UK mobile phone networks and retailers. While not the most original mobile phone, we think it captures the best elements of Android and iPhone, and combines them into a very appealing and well-priced package.

Look and feel

The HTC One A9 is quite visually different from the One M8 and M9 before it. It's now much rounder and is surprisingly similar to the iPhone 6s in looks, particularly on the back. The iPhone has been a style icon since it first launched in 2007, so it's bound to be copied by other manufacturers. However we think HTC are being a little bit cheeky here.

The A9 has a decidedly premium feel, with a sleek aluminium body. Like the iPhone with its curved edges, the One A9 is slippery in the hand and so you'll probably want to consider buying a protective case to avoid untimely meetings with the pavement.

What's new?

The HTC One A9 sports a few new features that we think will really appeal to long-time HTC fans and other Android fans alike:

  • Capacitive home button with built in fingerprint scanner. Much more convenient than a pin number, this will help secure your HTC One A9 and protect your data.
  • Android 6.0. Offering improved battery life better privacy and permissions control.
  • No Boomsound speakers, but an immersive headphone audio experience with Dolby Surround Sound.

Thinking about buying an HTC One A9?

We don't blame you! If you do upgrade on contract or by buying one sim free, be sure to check out our affordable HTC One A9 insurance policies, starting from just £4.99 a month.