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iPhone 6c and iPhone SE/5SE launch rumours

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The rumour mill is heating up, with more and more talk of a new 4-inch iPhone launching later this year to replace the pocket-friendly but aging iPhone 5s. Expected to be announced as early as March 2016, this new iPhone could prove very popular with those who find that iPhone 6 and 6 Plus a bit too unweildy.

iPhone 6c or iPhone 5SE?

One of the biggest question marks over the new iPhone is what it's likely to be called. Initially leaks had all suggested that it would be the iPhone 6c, which is in line with Apple's previous naming of the iPhone 5c. However, new rumours are suggesting that the phone will more closely resemble the iPhone 5s, leading to the name iPhone 5SE (Special Edition) emerging.  Of course we won't know for sure what the name will be, but our bet is on Apple calling it the iPhone 6c. With the iPhone 7 launching at the end of the year we'd expect this smaller model to have similar tech inside to the iPhone 6, so it makes sense for that to form the basis of the name. It's also a much more customer friendly moniker than 5SE, and we all know how important appearances are to Apple.

Then again they may surprise us all and rationalise iPhone names with iPads and call it the iPhone Mini, but for the purposes of this article we'll refer to it as the iPhone 6c for simplicity.

Another colourful iPhone?

The primary appeal of the iPhone 5c was the uncharacteristically Apple colour choices. Originally we expected the iPhone 6c to sport the same colourful plastic cases, but now that seems unlikely. Leaks generally suggest that the 6c is just a smaller version of the iPhone 6, and so will come in the same metallic grey, silver, gold and rose gold colours. We think this is a little disappointing, but actually if you're going to put a case on your iPhone 6c (and we'd certainly recommend that you do) you'll have every opportunity to customise the colour the way that you want to.

How much will it cost?

The iPhone 6c is going to cost less than the iPhone 6 at launch - that much is certain. However, it's still likely to be a very pricey mobile phone. The 6c is just a smaller version of the 6, so we expect it to cost over £400 at launch. So if you decide to upgrade later this year you might want to consider iPhone 6c insurance, which we'll be offering from as little as £6.49 a month.