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Is the iPhone 6s really waterproof?

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On the surface, the new iPhone 6s might not seem like a massive upgrade from the iPhone 6 before it, but iFixit have revealed a surprising new feature.

While tearing down the iPhone iFixit discovered some mystery adhesive around the display, which is unusual as the screen is safely secured with screws. It turns out that it's a gasket that helps keep water out of the iPhone casing. Apple have been filing patents for some time for liquid proofing technology, but only now have we seen evidence of them testing it out.

On further investigation the cable connectors all have a silicone coating that's aimed at preventing corrosion and short circuiting when dunked in water, so even if water does get in it's less likely to cause a catastrophic failure.

Of course there have been mixed results when brave iPhone owners tested this theory out, with some surviving a dunk and some not. Here's one video of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus lasting around an hour in a bowl of water!

So do I still need insurance?

While there is no doubt that the iPhone 6s is more water resistant than the iPhones before it, they are still vulnerable to water damage. Perhaps that will change with the iPhone 7 next year, but for now you'll want to avoid dunking your pride and joy if you can help it.

There are plenty of other reasons why you might want to get your iPhone insured - from cracked screens, theft, loss and unauthorised usage. So if you're looking for peace of mind why not check out our affordable iPhone 6s insurance policies.