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iPhone 7 launch likely to be later than expected

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iPhone 7 launch

Last week we reported that the iPhone 7 was expected to hit UK stores on September 16th, however new information has come out that suggests we might have to wait a little longer for the shiny new Apple phone to arrive.

A leaked AT&T retail schedule from the US details two upcoming merchandising resets (where they update signage etc. in stores). The first is scheduled for September 9th, the date that pre-orders are expected to start. The second is scheduled for September 23rd, suggesting that that's going to be the date that mobile networks start actually selling the iPhone 7.

Of course it's possible that these could relate to other device launches or promotions, but given that other phone manufacturers usually steer well clear of Apple's launch window we think this is the strongest indication of a launch date yet.

AT&T iPhone 7 leak

whether the iPhone 7 hits our stores on September 16th or 23rd, it's really not that far away. If you're considering upgrading your ageing iPhone, or are planning a switch from an Android device, we're fairly sure you're going to like it. With a retail cost of over £539 you might want to consider insuring it. Check out our affordable iPhone insurance policies today.