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iPhone 7 will be unveiled 7th September

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Rumours have been flying around for some time about when we'll see the new iPhone 7, but it looks like the date is set for 7th September.

Apple has now confirmed that they'll be holding an invite-only launch event in San Francisco on Wednesday, where we expect at least two new iPhones to be revealed to the world.

We're expecting the brand new iPhone 7 and the slightly bigger iPhone 7 Plus to be revealed, but it's also possible that we'll see the much rumoured iPhone 7 Pro on Wednesday. Also likely is a new iteration of the Apple Watch wearable.

Even though the iPhone 7 is only expected to be a minor update over the 6s, we are pretty excited to see what Apple have come up with. We're particularly looking forward to finding out if the iPhone 7 will be waterproof/water-resistant, as it's the only key flagship phone to be missing this incredibly useful design feature.

Thinking of buying an iPhone 7 when it launches? You can probably expect prices to be around £539 for the base model, and significantly more for the additional storage options. Make sure that you get ample protection and check out our comprehensive iPhone insurance today.