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iPhone users targeted by hackers in new scam

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iPhone scam

As if iPhone users who've had their phones stolen aren't unlucky enough, there's now a new scam that aims to steal their Apple ID login details too.

Hackers are running a phishing scam to try and obtain these credentials and allow them access to the phone and any sensitive data held on it. Joonas Kiminki has documented this scam at Hackernoon.

After having his iPhone stolen, Joonas labelled the device as lost in his Find My iPhone app. He checked the option to send him an email if his phone came back online, and was later contacted with news that his phone had been located. The email asked him to click through on a link and log in with his iCloud details in order to locate his stolen phone. However, things weren't all that they seemed.

Although the email and website looked perfectly legitimate, Joonas luckily noticed that he was being redirected to an unusual URL (show-iphone-location.com), and he didn't enter his login details. It isn't yet known how the hackers are getting users' contact details, or if Apple has fixed the vulnerability. So if you've recently lost your iPhone or had it stolen, be extra careful if you're contacted by Apple and be sure that you only enter your login information on the official Apple website.