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Motorola Moto X Force has world's first shatter-proof display

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The Motorola Moto X Force has been in development for around 3 years, and it's been generating a bit of a buzz in the smartphone world. Motorola claim that it's the world's first phone to have a shatter-proof display, and having seen some testing we think they could be right.

Quite a claim

At Tinhat we understand all too well that cracked screens are one of the most common problems with modern smartphones. With an ever increasing demand for thinner devices, pressure is being placed on their durability - and with us using our phones more and more in daily life, they're increasingly being put at risk. In a recent blog post, Motorola claimed that more than half (53%) of global smartphone users have shattered their screens at some point, and that 23% are currently living with a broken screen. The Moto X Force aims to take some of that worry away, with its clever five-layer display:

So what's the secret to Motorola's ShatterShield™ technology? 

1. The base layer is a rigid aluminium core that lends structural integrity and durability.
2. Next comes the AMOLED flexible display. The fact that the display is flexible means that it can better absorb shock and avoid damage when being dropped or crushed.
3. A dual touch layer is then added, which means that if one of the layers fail during an accident the other should continue to function as normal.
4. Next is the interior lens, offering a clear protective shield that doesn't crack or shatter.
5. The final layer is an exterior lens that has a unique hard coat that helps protect the display against normal wear and tear.

And does it work? MailOnline put the Moto X force through its paces through drop tests and eventually running it over with a truck - and although the casing got a bit scuffed up the display came out of it almost completely unscathed!

What's it like as a phone?

The Register wrote a great review about the Moto X Force that seems to sum it up pretty well. Although the biggest selling point of the X force is its ruggedness, this hasn't come at the cost of poor design or features. You can tailor its looks with the popular MotoMaker build-to-order website, and it features similar specs to the most powerful smartphones available today (5.4-inch Quad HD display, wireless charging, a 21MP main camera, a water repellent coating, "Jolly Fast Charging™", and the fastest CPU on the market).

So if you're particularly accident prone, but still want the latest tech, the Moto X Force could be just the device for you.

While the X Force is much more durable than most smartphones you might still want to consider insuring it. It's shatter-proof display won't save it from a dunk in the toilet or sticky fingered thieves, so why not check out our affordable Motorola X Force insurance today.