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Phone boxes being converted into smartphone repair shops

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Lovefone repair

Phone repair company Lovefone are renovating 35 old and disused public telephone boxes in London, by converting them into smartphone repair stations.

The public will be able to get their mobile phone or tablet repaired here, and can also access free WiFi and free battery charging. Each phone box will contain a workbench, tools, and an underfloor safe to protect customers'devices while they await pickup. The boxes will also be covered in thick polycarbonate sheets to deter thieves, and there'll be hefty locks and CCTV for security.

The first repair shop opened earlier this month, and 34 more are expected to roll out over the next 18 months.

This isn't the first time that red telephone boxes have been re-purposed, with many being converted into solar charging stations, small neighborhood libraries and tiny office sheds.

With the repair booths being so tiny, they'll probably only be able to fix the most popular devices quickly because space for parts is limited. They'll probably also struggle to repair water damaged phones, which often require complete replacement. So if you're after complete peace of mind you're probably best off getting mobile phone insurance to protect your device.