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Refurbished Mobile Phone Insurance

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Refurbished phone insurance

Refurbished phones are becoming more and more popular and offer a great value way to buy the latest iPhone and other mobiles at discounted prices. Most of the UK phone networks now offer refurbished phones in the form of "EE Good As New", "Three refurbished", "Vodafone Nearly New" and "O2 Refurb".

Unfortunately, finding insurance for your refurbished mobile phone can be difficult and you can sometimes have to pay a premium for it. Insurers often see them as high risk devices, because they can't guarantee that the phone has been refurbished professionally to a high standard. Our premiums start from just £1.99 a month, and you get one month free if paying annually.

Just because a phone is refurbished doesn't mean that it's going to be cheap to repair or replace should the worst happen. A replacement refurbished iPhone could still cost you £600, and it'll cost just as much to repair a cracked screen as it would do a new device. At Tinhat we'll cover your refurbished phone for:

Refurbished phone accidents
Accidental damage & water damage

Covers accidentally cracked screens and any other damage that prevents the phone from functioning normally.

Refurbished phone theft

Covers you for any damage or loss resulting from your phone being stolen, as long as it is in your possession or stored in a secure place out of sight.

Refurbished phone loss
Loss (optional)

Covers you for the replacement of your phone if you accidentally lose it.

Refurbished phone use by family
Use by immediate family

Unlike many insurance policies, your phone is also covered while being used by immediate family

Refurbished phone insurance claims
Unlimited claims

Although you can't claim for an incident occurring in the first 14 days, you can make an unlimited number of claims thereafter

Refurbished phone worldwide cover
Worldwide cover

Our policies keep you covered for the use of your gadget anywhere in the world for up to 90 days in any 1 year.


At Tinhat we cover refurbished phones on all our policies, as long as they are purchased in the UK direct from the manufacturer or network provider. If your phone wasn't bought directly from the manufacturer or mobile network, please contact us to check your eligibility.

You don't need to specify that your phone is refurbished when you take out the insurance, so click the button below to get a quote today. If you're unsure about whether or not your refurbished phone is eligible for our insurance, please contact us so that we can give you a definitive answer.

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