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Samsung Galaxy S7 Could Be Revealed in February

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It's 2016, and so begins another year of exciting mobile phone launches! The Samsung Galaxy S7 is probably the most anticipated of these, with its launch expected in the first quarter of the year. Rumours suggest that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S7 at Mobile World Congress at the end of February, which suggests that we'll see the devices being shipped sometime in March.

So what can we expect from the Galaxy S7?

Various leaks and rumours suggest that the Galaxy S7 will look fairly similar to the S6 before it. uSwitch has teamed up with OnLeaks to produce this 3D render, which gives a good sense of the likely design:

We're also expecting to see the following changes compared to the S6:

  • New 3D-Touch like functionality to rival the iPhone 6s
  • A microSD card slot, which was sorely missed on the Galaxy S6
  • USB Type-C connection for faster and simpler charging
  • An improved camera sensor for even better photos
  • A much faster processor for multitasking and gaming


The full range

It's expected that Samsung will launch four flagship phones in February - the Galaxy S7, S7 Plus, S7 Edge and S7 Edge Plus.

The standard Galaxy S7 is expected to have a 5.2 inch display and the S7 Plus is a slightly bigger 5.8 inches. The Edge variants will have a similar curved display to the S6 before it, though we're hoping to see some improvements in the technology used and functionality.


How much will it cost?

We'd expect the S7 variants to cost a similar amount to their S6 counterparts at launch, with prices starting from around £600. The Galaxy S7 will be a pricey bit of kit, so if you're thinking about upgrading your mobile phone when it launches you'll probably want to consider putting it in a case and taking out insurance.

We expect our Galaxy S7 insurance to cost from as little as £5.99 a month when it launches, so check out our product page today and register for updates on its availability.