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Sky Mobile officially launches today

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First announced in November, Sky Mobile has officially launched nationwide in the UK today.

Although they're due to start selling mobile phone contracts in Spring 2017, Sky currently only offer SIM only deals. Below is a quick summary of the price plans available:

1GB of data for £10 a month"Perfect for everyday browsers, social media scrollers, inbox refreshers and app tappers."

3GB of data for £15 a month - "Ideal for streaming music, checking apps, playing games and plugging in to the occasional video."

5GB of data for £20 a month - "Stream, scroll, browse, message, watch, game. With this option, you can do it all."

If you're wondering where the minutes and texts are, Sky charge an extra £10 a month if you want to add unlimited minutes and texts to your plan. If you already a Sky TV customer though you'll get this add-on for free. If you aren't an existing customer and don't fancy the extra £10 a month you can opt to pay as you use your minutes and texts. This costs 10p per minute and 10p per text.

What makes Sky Mobile special?

Sky Mobile do have a couple of unique selling points that UK consumers could be interested in.

The first is the fact that, unlike most UK networks, any unused data gets rolled into a "piggybank" that can then be used in later months if you ever consume your monthly allowance early. This is great for anyone who's usage varies a lot month to month, and could help you avoid nasty out of bundle charges or periods of no connectivity. This piggybanked data will last for up to 3 years. You can also change data plans every single month. So if you find that you've underestimated your requirements you can quickly and easily get access to more.

The second key selling point is that existing Sky TV customers will be able to sync their Sky+ recordings to stream over 4G or download over WiFi, for the ultimate portable Sky experience.

What's our verdict?

Sky have fairly ambitious aims for Sky Mobile, but it strikes us that it's primarily suited to existing Sky customers, and isn't great value if you don't already subscribe to their other services. You can after all get more data, minutes and texts for less via one of the main mobile networks or another MVNO. Why not check it out and decide for yourself.