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Sony u-turn on using Xperia phones under water

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It would seem that Sony's much touted waterproof Xperia handsets aren't quite as waterproof as previously believed. An Xperia support forum post explains that Sony recently modified their product descriptions to downplay the water resistant qualities of the phones, and they are now not recommending that they're used underwater. This is in stark contrast to Sony's recent marketing images showing users taking photos while fully submerged.

It would appear that this u-turn is due to complaints about failed warranty claims following Xperia devices becoming water damaged. 

In this forum thread, one of Sony's community managers states:

"Our new Xperia Z5 is protected from water ingress according to the IPx5/x8 standard, which is the highest water protection featured in mobile handsets. The tests for this rating also include the slow submersion in a fresh water tank up to 1.5m for a duration of 30 minutes. Moving or operating the device while it is submerged is not tested during the laboratory tests. There are also many environmental factors which we could not assess (e.g. water movement or water pressure changes during the movement), if a device is used underwater. Therefore we recommend not submerge our Xperia Z5 in water."

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