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Student Mobile Phone Insurance

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Student mobile phone insurance


The life of a mobile phone is full of perils, and this couldn't be more true than when you're at university. If you had to replace your iPhone it could cost as much as £789, and we can think of much better things to spend your money on while at uni.


So to give your mobile a better chance of surviving the academic year why not check out our range of affordable student mobile phone insurance deals. Prices start from as little as £4.49 a month and excesses from just £50 - which could be significantly cheaper than your premium bank account or network provider are offering.


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What's covered by our student mobile phone insurance?

Accidental damage

We'll repair or replace your phone if you accidentally smash the screen or drop it in water

Mechanical breakdown

If your phone breaks down outside of your manufacturer warranty we'll repair it for you


If your mobile is stolen from you we'll replace it like for like


If you accidentally lose your phone then we'll replace it for you



Like all insurance policies, exclusions do apply - so please read the key facts and terms and conditions before purchasing to ensure that the cover is right for you.