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Touch screen controls aren't for everyone!

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We've become used to every piece of technology having touch screen controls; our phones, car navigation, home security systems. It seems an inevitable step forward for most technology. Not however for the US Navy.

The US Navy is replacing the touch screen controls on its destroyers, after the displays were implicated in two collisions.

Touch screens cause US navy crashes

The US Navy reports investigated collisions involving the USS Fitzgerald in June 2017 and the USS McCain in August 2017.

The Fitzgerald collided with a container ship near the Japanese mainland. The McCain was off the coast of Singapore when it hit a container ship.

  • Unfamiliarity with the touch screens contributed to two accidents, said incident reports.

  • Poor training meant sailors did not know how to use the complex systems in emergencies, they said.

  • Sailors "overwhelmingly" preferred to control ships with wheels and throttles, surveys of crew found.


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