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Who are OPPO?

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OPPO are the newest kids on the UK block, but they’re hardly new to the Smartphone world.

This is what we know about the No.4 global smartphone brand:

OPPO launches in the UK


Who are OPPO?

Oppo was first registered as a brand in 2001, but the company officially launched in 2004, initially in the MP3/MP4 space. Two years later in Shenzhen, commonly known as China’s Silicon Valley, the company started exploring phones and the soon-to-explode smartphone scene. Mobile Phone Tracker currently lists OPPO in the top five smartphone companies in the world with OPPO claiming 111 million customers worldwide.

Other Chinese smartphone companies; Huawei and OnePlus have long enjoyed success in the UK, and in November 2018 we saw Xiaomi finally enter the UK market with its Mi 8 Pro, Mi 8 Lite and more recently Mi Mix 3. Oppo is next, and officially launched in the UK on January 29. Oppo has detailed its plan for entering the UK market. This includes bringing a selection of its latest devices to the UK in a partnership with Carphone Warehouse and Currys. It also teased we’ll hear more about its 5G plans at MWC 2019.

Their phones:

Find X - £799


RX17 Pro - £549


RX17 Neo - £319

Where to buy OPPO in the UK?

Though no new phones were announced during Oppo's UK launch party, the Find X, RX17 Pro and RX17 Neo have been confirmed for the UK, available exclusively through Carphone Warehouse.

  • The cheapest of the trio is the Oppo RX17 Neo, which costs £319 (buy here).
  • Slightly more expensive, next up is the Oppo RX17 Pro at £549 (buy here).
  • Meanwhile, Oppo's flagship Find X will be available at £799 (buy here).


Why is OPPO coming to the UK?

Even without being in the UK, Oppo has managed to become one of the top five smartphone companies across the world. The company first entered Europe last year, in countries such as France, Italy and Spain, and Wu says the success in these markets means Oppo is now ready to grow in the UK.