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Business Mobile Phone and Gadget Insurance

Cover to suit companies of all sizes

Business phone insurance

Whether you have a single gadget to insure or hundreds, we can offer you an affordable and reliable insurance policy to protect you in the event that your mobiles are lost or damaged. Here are a few key reasons to buy business phone and gadget insurance from Tinhat:

We can insure as many phones and gadgets as you like - all on a single policy.

Our award-winning claims team process claims quickly - usually within 48 hours.

Call or email us to add or remove gadgets quickly and easily.

Low excesses - just £75 per claim for most phones and gadgets.


How do I get a business quote?

For 10 gadgets or fewer

If you're insuring 10 gadgets or fewer then you can quickly and easily get a quote and order online by clicking the button below.

If you do order online, please get in touch with us via the number or email address below to let us know what company name the gadgets should be registered to.

Order online

For more than 10 gadgets

If you're looking to insure more than 10 gadgets, or you'd just like to have a chat to us about our insurance before purchasing, please get in touch with us directly using the email address or telephone number below:

Email business team sales@tinhat.co.uk
Phone business team

01865 818923 (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday/ 10am to 4pm Saturdays


If we can't provide a quote immediately over the phone, then we'll usually be able to do so within the hour. If you're happy with the price that we quote you, you'll just need to send us a list of the gadgets that you want to insure, along with their individual IMEI numbers. Once we have this we'll get the policy set up and arrange for payment of your monthly or annual premium.

We can usually get your business mobile insurance policy up and running within a couple of hours, and no job is too big or too small.


Why buy mobile phone and gadget insurance for your business?

If you're supplying your staff with mobile phones, laptops or other gadgets you probably have a very good idea of how much they will cost to replace. The latest iPhone can cost as much as £1,200 (the cost of the iPhone 12 Pro Max 256GB), and most flagship models from other manufacturers cost over £600.

You might already have a general insurance policy that covers all IT equipment, but the excess could be very large and it might cost more to claim on the policy than the gadget is even worth. With a dedicated phone and gadget insurance policy from Tinhat, your excess could be as low as £50 per claim.


What's covered?

We offer business insurance for all makes and model of smartphone - including Apple, Samsung, HTC, and Sony. The premium is largely determined by the value of the phone or gadget, and our plans start from as little as £4.49 a month (or £49.39 annually).

Cracked screen and liquid damageAccidental damage (including liquid damage)

Covers accidentally cracked screens and any other damage that prevents your gadgets from functioning normally.

Mechanical breakdown outside warrantyMechanical breakdown

Covers you for repairs and replacements to your staff's gadgets if they suddenly stop working outside the manufacturer's warranty.

Worldwide and holiday coverWorldwide cover

This policy insures your staff for unlimited worldwide use, with no limit on the length or number of trips.

Phone theftTheft

Covers you for gadgets being stolen, as long as they are in your staff's possession or stored in a secure place out of sight.

Unauthorised callsUnauthorised calls

If your gadgets are lost or stolen we will cover up to £10,000 of unauthorised calls.

Accidental lossAccidental loss

Covers you for the replacement of your gadgets if your staff accidentally lose them.


To find out more about what we do and don't cover, please read our terms and conditions.


Additional Benefits

Low business insurance excesses
Simple and low excess fees

You're likely considering dedicated gadget insurance because your current excesses are too high. At Tinhat, our excesses are £50 for gadgets valued up to £250 , £75 for gadgets valued up to £750 and £100 for gadget valued at £751 or more.

Great customer service for small and large businesses
Knowledgeable and helpful UK support

Our sales team in Oxford is happy to answer any gadget insurance questions you have, and our friendly support team is available to help with claims between 9am and 6pm Monday to Friday or 10am to 4pm on Saturdays.

Unlimited business insurance claims
No limit to claims

Many insurers limit the number of claims you can make, but we know that as a business customer you want a reliable insurance plan that continues to meet your needs - no matter how many accidents occur!

Immediate business phone insurance
Immediate cover

If your business phones or gadgets are less than 60 days old, we'll make sure that they're insured from the date that you purchase the policy. So if you order your mobile phone and gadget insurance today, you can get peace of mind straight away.


Our reviews

We pride ourselves on offering great customer service and reliable business gadget insurance. We greatly value our customers' feedback, and here are a selection of our most recent reviews:


5-star review


"From contacting the firm by phone to purchasing their policy was excellent, very helpful and policy fully explained." - Ian, England

5-star review

"Service excellent"

"Very good Service, I feel I have peace of mind for an affordable price." - Lynn, Surrey

5-star review

"Great service"

"Great service fast delivery of repaired phone excellent customer experience with agents have been recommending this site to all my friends and family" - Alan, Essex

Tinhat Reviews Feefo

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of our most frequently asked questions about our business phone and gadget insurance, plus some links to more information if you need it:

Q. How are business policies different to consumer policies?

Our business gadget insurance policies are almost exactly the same as our consumer policies. The only difference is that they don't cover use by your staff's immediate family. On the plus side, we are usually able to offer preferential rates to our business customers.

Q. What gadgets do you cover?

We can provide business insurance for any type of mobile phone or gadget, as long as it was purchased new in the UK. The devices also need to be less than 12 months old at the time that you purchase the policy in order to be covered.

Q. What's mechanical breakdown cover?

If your gadgets develop a mechanical fault and stop working this will usually be covered under the manufacturer's warranty. This warranty usually lasts 2 years from the date that you purchased the phone, and during this period it should be your first port of call for this type of issue. If your phone breaks down outside your warranty period, your Tinhat policy has you covered, and will insure you for this type of problem for up to 5 years.

Q. How can I pay for my insurance?

Businesses can pay for their insurance policy in one of two ways. You can pay monthly by direct debit or annually by credit or debit card. If you pay annually you'll get 12 months of cover for the price of 11, on top of any additional discount that we're able to offer you as a business customer.

Q. Do you insure refurbished gadgets?

Yes, we can insure refurbished mobile phones and gadgets as long as they are supplied with at least a 12-month warranty. Click here to find out more about our refurbished phone insurance.

Q. If I buy insurance today, when will my cover start?

If you order your insurance today, and your gadgets are less than 60 days old, your cover will start immediately. If your mobiles are more than 6 months at the time you take out the insurance then you won't be covered for any incident occurring during the first 14 days of your policy.

Q. Can I cancel at any time?

Yes! We believe we offer some of the best phone and gadget insurance in the UK, but if you don't need our cover anymore or you decide to leave us you can cancel your policy at any time. If you cancel within the first 14 days of buying your policy then you'll get a full refund of any premium paid. After this period the following applies:

  • If you're paying monthly and haven't made any claims we'll simply stop taking direct debit payments and you'll be covered up to the end of your billing month. If however you have made a claim in the first 12 months and decide to cancel you will still need to pay any remaining premiums for the 12-month contract.
  • If you're paying annually and wish to cancel then you'll receive a pro-rata refund.

For full details please read our cancellation policy.


Have any more questions or want to get a quote?

Please get in touch with us at sales@tinhat.co.uk or call us on 01865 364390, and we'll be happy to help with any questions you might have.