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iPad insurance


Apple iPads are some of the best and most expensive tablets you can buy, with a retail price of up to £1,249. If you bought your iPad on contract you might not realise its true value, and more importantly its replacement cost should you break it or lose it. We offer cheap iPad insurance for all of the current models from only £5.99 a month. So get peace of mind at an affordable price today!

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iPad insurance covers you at home or away for..

iPad damage
Accidental damage

We'll repair or replace your iPad if you accidentally smash the screen or drop it in water

iPad mechanical breakdown
Mechanical breakdown

If your iPad breaks down outside of your Apple warranty we'll repair it for you

iPad theft

If your iPad is stolen, despite you taking reasonable precautions, we'll replace it

iPad loss

If you accidentally lose your iPad then we'll replace it for you



How much does iPad insurance cost?

Most iPad devices fall into the following rate:



£5.99 a month

Accidental damage
Mechanical breakdown
Liquid damage
Worldwide cover 90 days

Unauthorised usage up to £2,500

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£6.49 a month

Everything in Basic cover


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See how our iPad insurance compares

We have some of the best iPad insurance premiums in the market. Check out our competitors and decide for yourself:


Brand Monthly Annual
Tinhat £6.99 76.89

Protect Your Bubble

£9.49 £113.88
Switchedoninsurance £10.50 £121
Gadget Cover £12.87 £128.70
O2 £14 £168
EE £10 £120


*Pricing is for an iPad Pro 128GB, and was last checked 16/02/2016




iPad insurance excess comparison

Of course premiums aren't the only cost of insuring your iPad, as there are also excess charges. Many insurers charge high excesses when you need to make a claim, or they charge additional excesses for theft, loss, claims within the first month, worldwide claims, and increase the excess when you make more than one claim in a year. At Tinhat we keep things simple and cheap, and charge just £50 for any accidental damage, loss or theft claim. To ensure that you get the best iPad insurance for you, see how we compare below:


Provider Repair Loss







Tinhat £75 £75     £75



£50 £75 +£25   £100
Gadgetbuddy £50 £75     £75

Captain Cover

£50 £75   +50% £112.50

Protect Your


£50 £75     £75

Your Budget


£50 £75     £75
Insurance2go £50 £75     £75


*excess charges were for an iPad Pro 128GB, and were last checked 16/02/2016


When you're comparing the best iPad insurance policies be sure to check the finer details in the policy terms and conditions to ensure that you get the right combination of affordability and reliable cover. If you'd like to order insurance from us, simply click the button below.


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