Oppo, a renowned player in the mobile industry, has carved its niche with innovative smartphones that seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology and sleek design. Renowned for its emphasis on camera prowess, Oppo phones boast advanced imaging features, such as AI-enhanced photography and impressive zoom capabilities. The brand consistently pushes the boundaries of mobile innovation, introducing unique concepts like pop-up selfie cameras and high-refresh-rate displays. Oppo's commitment to user experience is evident in its ColorOS, a customized Android interface that prioritizes intuitive navigation. With a diverse lineup catering to various budget ranges, Oppo has garnered a global following, cementing its status as a formidable force in the mobile market.

What is Covered with tinhat™ insurance?

OPPO Find X3 Lite 128GB 5G

OPPO Find X3 Lite 128GB 5G


Breakdown Cover Icon

Breakdown Cover1

Covers you for repairs and replacements to your Oppo mobile if it suddenly stops working outside the manufacturers warranty.

Battery Cover Icon

Battery Cover

Covers you for repairs and replacements to your Oppo mobile battery if it suddenly stops working outside of the warranty.

Theft Cover

Covers you for any loss resulting from your Oppo mobile being stolen, as long as it is in your possession or stored in a secure place out of sight.

Water Damage Cover Icon

Liquid Damage

Covers you for any accidental damage to your Oppo mobile that results from splashes or full immersion.

Contract Cover Icon

Contract Cover

Claim up to £50 per month, for up to 6 months towards your Oppo mobile Phone contract if you lose your job through no fault of your own.

Worldwide Cover Icon

Worldwide Cover

This policy keeps you covered for the use of your Oppo mobile anywhere in the world. Unlike many insurers there is no limit on the length or number of trips.

Screen Cover Icon

Accidental Damage

Covers accidentally cracked screens and any other damage that prevents your Oppo mobile from functioning normally. Accidental damage does not cover general wear and tear or purely cosmetic damage.

Family Cover Icon

Family Use

All our policies cover your Oppo mobile when being used by your immediate family , i.e. your mother, son or your domestic partner.

Headphone Cover Icon

Accessories Cover

We’ll replace any accessories (up to £150) if they are damaged, stolen or lost at the same time as your Oppo mobile regardless of whether they were supplied with the device or not.

Loss Cover Icon

Loss Cover*

Covers you for the replacement of your Oppo mobile if you accidentally lose it and you have taken out our Full Cover. Please note that loss cover isn’t available on any other types of device.

Unlimited Claims Icon

Unlimited Claims

Unlike many insurance providers, we don’t limit the number of claims you can make on this policy.

Unauthorised Usage Icon

Unauthorised Usage

If your Oppo mobile is lost or stolen we will cover up to £2,500 of unauthorised calls.

* Loss cover is only available  for Mobiles, Tablets and Smartwatches.

1 Laptops not included.