EE Mobile Phone Insurance


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Bought a brand new or refurbished phone on contract or pay as you go from EE? At tinhat™ we offer insurance for all models of phone bought from EE including Samsung, iPhone, Pixel and Sony. Should the worst happen and you drop or lose your mobile, the replacement cost could be eye-wateringly expensive. Get an instant quote by selecting your model below and browse our affordable EE mobile phone insurance options:

EE Mobile Insurance

You can only buy mobile phone insurance directly from EE within the first 28 days of buying your phone contract or upgrading. So if you’ve already received your new mobile you might not be able to insure it with them. Full details can be found at but we’ll sum up some of the benefits below:


  • Next day replacement.
  • Submit a claim any time of day or week.


  • High premiums
  • Has to be purchased at the same time as your phone.
  • High excesses
  • Doesn't cover unauthorised usage.
  • Limited Claims

tinhat™ Mobile Insurance

Our insurance is quite a bit cheaper than buying directly from EE, but unfortunately that means that we can’t offer next day replacements. Find the key pros and cons below:


  • Cheaper premiums, from £4.49 a month.
  • Lower excesses, from £50 for mobile phones.
  • No limit on the number of claims you can make.
  • Can be bought any time within 12 months after purchasing your phone.
  • Also covers accessories up to the value of £150.
  • Includes Contract Cover


  • Takes a few days to process claims and then provide a repair or replacement.

Home Contents Insurance

If you already have home contents insurance then you can probably add your mobile phone to the same policy. Here are some of the key pros and cons of doing so:


  • Can be cheap to insure, often no more than £35 per year.
  • Some home insurers will give you cash instead of a refurbished replacement.
  • It's convenient to have everything under the one policy.


  • Excesses tend to be very high, often around £200.
  • Claiming could affect your no claims and increase your premium later on.
  • Home insurers tend to take long to repair your phone.