Mobile Phone Insurance

Mobile Phone Insurance

At tinhat™ we know how important your phone is and how much of our lives rely on it to run smoothly. It’s no longer just about calls and texts it’s Social Media, Banking, Movies and Games. They control our heating, play our favourite songs and capture those special moments, so if you accidently damaged or lost your phone what would you do? When you take out mobile phone insurance from tinhat™ you’re not just insuring your phone you are protecting your way of life.

Why Choose tinhat™ Mobile Phone Insurance?

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The family is included, even the kids!

Our Mobile Phone Insurance covers your phone when being used by your immediate family, even the kids, at no additional cost.

Water Damage Cover Icon

Phone in the fish pond?

No one plans on dropping their phone in a fish pond but with our mobile phone insurance you’re covered for any accidental damage to your phone that results from splashes or full immersion.

Loss Cover Icon

Don't loose your mind if you loose your phone.

Our Mobile Phone Insurance covers you for the replacement of your phone if you accidentally lose it and we will even cover up to £2,500 of unauthorised calls.

Screen Cover Icon

No screen protector, no problem.

Even with the best screen protector there are no guarantees that if you drop your phone your screen will stay in one piece. With our mobile phone insurance peace of mind is guaranteed.

Why Get Mobile Phone Insurance?

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5 Reasons Why...

While it’s important to treat your mobile phone with care to avoid damage, accidents do happen. Here are 5 reasons you might want to take out mobile phone insurance with tinhat™.

1. The Selfie Mishap

mobile phone insurance selfie

While trying to capture that perfect selfie from an unusual angle or precarious position, the phone slips from the hand and meets its untimely demise. Bonus points if it’s a group selfie and multiple people are implicated in the phone’s downfall.

2. The Food Fiasco

mobile phone insurance foodie

Imagine trying to follow a cooking tutorial on your phone. You’re juggling ingredients, following along, and then—splat! Your phone ends up submerged in a bowl of soup or fried in a wok. Culinary ambitions: 1, Phone: 0.

3. The Pet Predicament

mobile phone insurance pets

Your curious cat or playful pup decides that your phone looks like a fantastic new toy. After a few chomps or swats, you’re left with a phone that’s seen better days. It’s hard to be mad when they look so pleased with themselves, though.

4. The Lamppost Lament

mobile phone insurance lamppost

You’re engrossed in a hilarious group chat or captivated by the latest viral video. You’re walking and laughing, completely unaware of the world around you. Then, WHAM! You walk straight into a lamppost. As you reel back, clutching your forehead, your phone slips from your grasp. 

5. The Dance Floor Disaster

mobile phone insurance dancing

You’re tearing it up on the dance floor, lost in the music. Your killer dance moves are too much for your phone to handle, and it flies out of your pocket, skidding across the floor. Your phone may not survive, but at least you’ve got some memorable dance moves.

Life happens, we've got you covered.

Mobile Phone Insurance FAQs

We can insure all mobile phones and gadgets, such as laptops, iPads, tablets and more. When you get a quote you can select from our list of gadgets, and if your isn’t listed please get in touch.

The main exclusions on our policies are:

* Leaving your device unattended when it’s away from your home
* Theft from a vehicle or premises where there is no visible sign of forced entry
* Not reporting the theft/loss within 48 hours of discovery to the police, or, in the case of mobile phones, not reporting the theft/loss to the Service Provider within 24 hours of discovery to stop the line and blacklist the handset
* Any claim where you are unable to provide evidence of ownership or receipt (in your name)
* Any claim where your gadget has not been used since the insurance policy was taken out
* Any claim for Contract Cover made in the first 90 days of policy inception
* For Contract Cover, we will not cover any claim relating to accident or illness, or any claim where you opted for voluntary redundancy

Please read the full terms and conditions for more information.

Yes, you can. We can insure devices bought on Ebay provided that they are purchased new and you have a valid Proof of Purchase that details the make, model, condition and IMEI of the gadget in your name.

Absolutely. If you want to insure your child’s phone you will have to be over 18 and do it in your name. All of our policies cover immediate family, so your child’s use of the phone will be covered. Once they turn 18 themselves you can easily change the name on the policy.

Yes, as long as your phone was bought in the UK in the last 12 months, and was supplied with at least a 12-month warranty.

One of the simplest ways to pay is by monthly Direct Debit. If you select that option then we will set up a recurring monthly payment for you using the bank details provided.

Alternatively you can pay annually by debit or credit card. Although you’re paying a year upfront, you can still cancel your policy at any time and will get a pro-rata refund for any remaining months on your policy, provided that you haven’t made a claim.

No, you don’t have to insure your phone straight away – as long as it was bought in the last 12 months, you can take out a policy with us.

In most cases your policy will get immediately approved and we will email your policy documents to you straight away. At this point your gadget will be insured.

Your tinhat™ insurance policy doesn’t just cover the policy holder – it also extends to cover your immediate family. This includes your mother, father, son, daughter, spouse and domestic partner as long as they reside at the same address as you.

If you were in employment when you purchased this policy and later become unemployed through no fault of your own, and you are locked into a service contract for your mobile phone which is insured under this policy, we will pay your monthly line rental up to the value of £50 per month until you find further employment up to a maximum period of 6 months.